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Gruppe - PC Lautsprecher
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19 Products

USB – Lautsprecher gehören in jedes moderne Büro und Gamer – Zimmer. Mit diesen Systemen untermalt die Lieblingsmusik das Home-Office und Gegner lassen sich perfekt beim Ego – Shooter orten. Teufel bietet hier für jeden Einsatz das richtige Set:

Wer seine MP3 - Musiksammlung zu altem Glanz verhelfen will, kann mit unseren Systemen mit integrierter USB – Soundkarte kinderleicht einen jeden Hausputz zur Party werden lassen.

Für ein Raumübergreifendes Klang – Erlebnis sorgen unsere Smart Speaker. Selbstverständlich unterstützen diese ebenfalls die USB – Funktion.

About USB loudspeaker

USB speakers guarantee versatile use and better sound than built-in device speakers. The USB cable standard makes many things easier: USB cables not only allow the technical connection between two systems but also the charging of a device battery or the power supply of a device without the need for a power outlet. The cables are also interchangeable. So you can already limit the number of cables to be taken with you.

Good sound on the road

Mobile devices such as netbooks or laptops rarely have good built-in speakers due to either space or weight reasons. Since USB speakers can receive power and signal via a USB connection, such loudspeaker systems thus become a real alternative to have good sound on the go.

Past the internal sound card

A second important aspect for loudspeaker systems with USB connection is the possibility to significantly improve the weak sound hardware often found in mobile devices. Some special sound systems from Teufel have their own sound card, which is connected via USB cable. This bypasses the internal sound card of the actual playback device. Not only does it improve the sound, it also allows formats such as 5.1 Sound to be output for movies or games if the internal hardware of the player originally did not allow this at all.

A variety of USB speakers now also offer Bluetooth in addition to USB audio, which further expands the possibilities. When buying a USB speaker, you should make sure that it not only offers a USB charging port but also can actually output audio via USB.

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