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You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

What are the advantages of a wifi radio?

Since the triumph of wireless home network connections via wifi (WiFi), the reception of web radio is no longer limited to computers. Almost every device can be connected to the home network with a wifi module. So it is not surprising that more and more web radio receivers with integrated wifi interface (short wifi-Radio) are offered. These wifi radios take over a feature known from the Internet browser when searching for stations via the radio display, namely that of the web radio directory, i.e. a page that lists web radios. In the webradio directory, you can search for internet stations sorted by country, topic or music genre and listen to them.

Most devices like the wifi Radio 3sixty also offer the possibility to manage the station selection on the PC. In addition, good wifi radios also offer additional reception possibilities via digital radio DAB+ and/or FM stations.

Unlimited reception of web radio stations with wifi radios

Compared to the VHF radio, the Internet offers a very inexpensive way to operate a radio. This inevitably leads to a great variety of niche programs for all kinds of music styles and word contributions. The number of web radio stations nationally and internationally is almost impossible to count. It is a fact that most FM radio stations also make their programs available on the Internet. In addition, there are many pure web radio providers. In contrast to FM stations, a web radio can be received via (almost) any Internet connection worldwide.

Which radio devices are suitable for a web radio

There are many systems such as all kinds of Teufel streaming devices, which offer web radio reception among others simply as a feature. But also pure web radio reception like the Radio3sixty is offered more often. So before buying, please consider exactly which device (comparatively cheap wifi radios or more versatile, but more cost-intensive systems) you need.

Differences among web radio providers

Basically, web radios are divided into two categories:

  • Internet-Broadcaster: The term Internet-Broadcaster refers to web radios that only broadcast on the Internet. Internet broadcasters often reach only a small number of listeners, as the operators are not able to make their offer better known due to a lack of resources. Universities, for example, are widespread broadcasters. Furthermore, there are mostly web radio stations run by private persons.

    Many well-known FM radio stations offer web radio stations with the same programme as an alternative reception option. Reception is thus also made possible for people who are unable to receive the FM program, for example, during a stay abroad or outside the transmission area.

The sound quality of web radios depends largely on the bit rate and compression method used. Most web radios offer a fairly good, noise-free sound, comparable to FM radio.

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