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DAB radio with Bluetooth

DAB+ Lautsprecher
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29 Products

Digital radio - radio without noise

Radio stations with perfect sound quality and stable reception even via mobile receivers and car radios - all this is made possible by Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB/DAB+ for short, which in colloquial terms is simply referred to as digital radio. The suffix "+" stands for additional information accompanying the programme, such as traffic situation or information on the current song. Another advantage of the new digital radio is the up to 80% lower power consumption when transmitting the signal compared to analogue FM radio.


Why DAB+ will soon replace the well-known VHF

 Since the early 1980s, work has been underway to implement a nationwide digital radio system. The original intention for the launch of digital radio was to enable more radio stations in geographically confined and densely populated areas.


In simple terms, the sound transmission of digital radio is similar to that of analogue radio: the radio programme is transmitted to a carrier signal and at the receiver, the DAB+ radio is separated again and reproduced as an audio signal via the speakers of the DAB+ receiver.


How do I receive digital radio?

 To listen to digital radio, you only need a DAB+ compatible device - with or without a battery. Although regular radios cannot receive digital radio, DAB+ radios in turn can play FM radio or the slightly older standard DAB. These are also called multi-standard devices. The Radio 3sixty is a good example of this.


If you are thinking about a digital radio, make sure that the DAB+ is supported by default. You can recognise this by the DAB logo and in the product description.


Does Teufel have DAB+ radios?

To get straight to the point: yes! Teufel's range includes a number of radios and audio systems with an integrated DAB+ receivers. In the webshop you will find both a compact portable model with long playing times and DAB+ such as the BOOMSTER or for real radio enthusiasts - the RADIO 3SIXTY, which not only has DAB+, but also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you want a larger system with DAB+, you can consider a sound system such as the Ultima 20 Kombo.

How do I best access DAB+ radio?

 As with an FM radio, you can already achieve excellent sound quality with the DAB+ radio using the telescopic antenna. The antenna should be fully extended and directed until you get the best reception. 

Tip: The best reception is achieved when the antenna is in a vertical position.

In case of malfunctions, this checklist helps:
1) Verify that the desired digital station can be received in your geographic location.
2) Change the position of the antenna.
3) Place the radio somewhere else and try again.


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