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SubConnect MOD

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Subwoofer Bass Kabellos von Teufel

Key advantages at a glance

  • A receiver module for the T 4000 subwoofer for wirelessly transmitting subwoofer signals
  • Receives subwoofer signals wirelessly from the CoreStation, DecoderStation 6 or Wireless Transmitter
  • Lossless sound, wireless, digital and very stable transmission up to 10 m
  • Compact and easily installed, low power consumption, standby function
  • The T 4000 is equipped with a dedicated port for the Wireless Module
  • Volume changes are received
(5 of 5 out of 11)
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Subwoofer Wireless Modul

This wireless module is for use with the T 4000 subwoofer and CoreStation A/V receiver. The module is simply plugged in to a dedicated space at the back of the T 4000.

The wireless module's connection status appears on the CoreStation’s OSD menu as displayed on the television. On the back of the subwoofer alongside the plug for the module is a button and status LED for wirelessly connecting the sub and A/V receiver. Establishing a connection is just as quick and easy as pairing two Bluetooth devices.

Once an initial connection has been established, the CoreStation and T 4000 will automatically pair with each other as long as they are within a 10 meter range and switched on. A wireless connection between A/V receiver and subwoofer makes living room integration even easier without compromising on signal quality. The bass signal is transmitted in lossless sound quality for the same power and punch as a wireless connection.

For the SubConnect wireless module, you’ll need:

1. T 4000 flat subwoofer
2. CoreStation

Included components

  • 1× SubConnect MOD


  • Subwoofer Bass Kabellos von Teufel

    SubConnect MOD

    Wireless module for the T 4000 flat subwoofer and S 6000 SW

    • Description Item
      Width 6.40 cm
      Weight 0.08 kg
      Height 2.40 cm
      Depth 9.00 cm

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(5 of 5 out of 11)
Trouble-free installation, except for power connection no further wiring of the subwoofer (S 6000 SW)
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Well packed delivered quickly
Easy to install works 👍
(automatically translated *)
Top part
I have no problems so far, it does what it is supposed to.
(automatically translated *)
Top product
Works perfectly without any problems.
(automatically translated *)
Class part
I find this a good solution for placing the sub in the room without being tied to cables. pairing the devices worked straight away and is flawless. can be recommended with a clear conscience.
(automatically translated *)
A perfect alternative to subwoofer cabling.
(automatically translated *)
As expected...
Works without problems !
(automatically translated *)
Works perfectly
(automatically translated *)
Wireless Woofer !
Subwoofer is a T6000 .works perfectly without any delay or the like. The signal is actually transmitted lossless and fast. Hear no difference to a cable connection. Gives you the possibility to place the subwoofer wherever you want. In conjunction with the Wireless Transmitter. Great!
The piece of freedom
The module saves you from having to pull a small finger thick cable through the room. The transmission is clear and clean, the coupling very simple. You have to give the module and the transmitter a little switch-on time during auto standby, but this doesn't interfere at all.
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